Cas Hoefman

Cas runs for McKinley Count Democratic Party Chair

Today I am proud to announce I will be running for chair of the Democratic Party in McKinley County.


ENGAGING OUR COMMUNITY. This is my promise to you, the members of the Democratic Party of McKinley County (DPMC) and our party platform. I am committed to energizing and unifying the DPMC. I will work to earn your trust in me and in the DPMC.

Under my leadership the DPMC will be the Party of the People, the Party that addresses the issues that impact you and are important to you. I know that diversity of thought, opinion, and backgrounds makes us a stronger party.

The DPMC will welcome the participation of all Democrats in the county so that all residents within the county feel represented by and included in their party.

The future of our Party starts here and now – with my commitment and your support.

Engage the community and increase membership in the DPMC

I prioritize community engagement and creating an inclusive, diverse, welcoming Party reflective of the demographics of McKinley County. I commit to encouraging regular meetings and townhalls across McKinley County, holding regular monthly Party Meetings, and seeking opportunities to include the next generation of Party leaders, our young voters and other community members who may feel disenfranchised or underrepresented.

As a Party, we must celebrate our diverse voices and understand that they are essential to the evolution of our Party. We have to:

  • Ensure that we are an open Party and welcome active engagement in all aspects and at all levels of the Party by providing resources and access that make it easier for county residents to become involved;
  • Innovate and create communication and organize events to defy voter apathy; and
  • Collaborate with progressive movements across the state to engage newly energized voters.

Communicate with our community and make everyone’s voice heard

To increase participation and engage the community, the DPMC Chair, Vice Chair, and Central Committee members will organize regular meetings across the county to listen and respond to the concerns and opinions of the communities and to bring these issues to the State Party. The DPMC will develop a Political Platform that represents all our community members. We will improve communication and invite input and engagement by:

  • Creating and developing a meaningful newsletter;
  • Sending regular email updates;
  • Developing a user-friendly DPMC website that includes Party contact information, events calendar, meeting agendas, and minutes;
  • Creating an active Party Facebook page with frequent posts;
  • Establishing regular office hours to meet with Party members and community members to listen to county residents; and
  • Scheduling regular, all inclusive, open, Party meetings across the county.

Commit to transparency and professionalism:

We commit to:

  • Ensuring transparency, accessibility, accountability, and professionalism in the County Party elections and activities by opening up meetings to the public;
  • Electing and supporting Regional Officers and County Central Committee members who will hold meetings to listen to the community and provide the tools that enable them to do so; and
  • Offering trainings to Regional Leaders and Officers to develop and maximize their leadership skills.

Maintain a Blue New Mexico

Organizing around a candidate is not enough. We will organize by building relationships, having conversations with people around issues of import, and increasing membership in the Democratic Party by encouraging people to engage in a Party that represents their interests.

Volunteers and active members are the core of the Democratic Party. In order to Keep New Mexico Blue, DPMC Officers will attend local meetings and will represent the issues and interests of the Party and our community – our City Council, the County Commission, Legislature and Central Labor Council.

I commit to identifying and supporting leadership that represents and supports our community to increase the community participation within this county. I promise that:

  • Officers and the McKinley County Democratic Party will attend community functions;
  • I will develop new and innovative opportunities to fund programs that support community engagement;
  • I will implement a new voter registration initiative in all areas of the county throughout the year; and
  • Develop and implement programs, including a vibrant volunteer network and Get Out The Vote efforts, with a focus on supporting candidates at every level and on winning local, state and national races: from US President to Congress; from NM Governor, State Senators and Representatives to local elected officials.

I believe that transformative change can happen here in Mckinley County which is why I have decided to run for office.  

Our goal is to support our organizing efforts here in Mckinley County. Would you be willing to make a special donation of $50, $100 to help us meet our goal?

Please, make your donation now!

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