Cas Hoefman

Cas Runs For State Platform and Resolutions Committee

Today I am proud to announce I will be running for a position on the State Platform & Resolutions Committee (SPARC) of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Together with the other members of the SPARC, I will help drive a Democratic Party Platform that addresses the issues that impact you, your community, and those you represent.

The SPARC will welcome the participation and input from people across the state so that all residents within the state feel represented by their party platform. Afterall, diversity of thought, opinion, and background strengthens our party.

My commitment today is the same commitment I made upon election to the SCC: to develop and maintain an open, transparent, and inclusive Democratic Party. Today, my promise extends to the development of an open, transparent, and inclusive Democratic Party Platform.

Cas Hoefman

Democratic Party of McKinley County Chair

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