Democratic Party of New Mexico SCC Meeting and Elections

On April 29th the Democratic Party of New Mexico will be holding their DPNM State Central Committee Meeting at Atrisco Heritage Academy, 10800 Dennis Chavez Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87121. Registration for the event starts at 8 am and the meeting will begin at 10 am sharp.

During the meeting there will be elections for the following State Officer Positions (to be elected by the SCC Members).

● State Chair:

Juan Sanchez III
Richard Ellenberg
Rusty Pearce

● Vice Chair at Large:

Neomi Martinez-Parra
Kathleen Burke

● State Secretary:

Orlando-Antonio Carillo-Jiménez
Katharine Clark

● State Treasurer:

Robert Lara

● CD1-3 Vice Chair Male

CD1 None Known 
CD2 None Known
CD3 None Know

● CD1-3 Vice Chair Female

CD1 None Known 
CD2 None Known
CD3 Tarin Nix

Additional elections are being held for the following committee positions:

● Budget & Finance CD1-3 Male
● Budget & Finance CD1-3 Female

● Platform & Resolutions CD1-3 Male
● Platform & Resolutions CD1-3 Female
● Platform & Resolutions at-large (3 positions)

● Affirmative Action CD1-3 Male
● Affirmative Action CD1-3 Female
● Affirmative Action at-large (4 positions)

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