Electricity and Heating from Chicory Roots!

The printing company “Van de Rossel Groep” in the Belgian town of Nijvel in the near future will get part of its electricity and heating from Chicory roots!
The waste from the local chicory grower, Julowa, will be turned into electricity and heating by an innovative Bio Methanation Installation designed by GreenWatt. The installation enables energy production on a local scale from plant residues without any need for external contribution. The site produces about 100 kW of electricity and 140 kW of thermal energy on the basis of 15 tons of input per day.
With this installation in place the “Van de Rossel Groep” reduced its annual CO2 emission by 440 ton and the expected ROI period is just over 3 years.
The designers of this unique installation – GreenWatt – is a spin-off from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, they call the
installation a Worlds First!
GreenWatt has started work on several other similar installations, among others, one  to turn the waste from a water melon farm in the South of France into heat and electricity.
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