Rep. Ilhan Omar made history, she broke turnout records in Minnesota’s Fifth District and helped deliver a win for President-Elect Joe Biden — yet pundits and corporate-backed politicians continue to downplay Ilhan’s 38-point election victory, her spot as one of the top small-dollar fundraisers in Congress, and her progress toward bold policies like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

“I understand what it means to get in the ring and fight for everyday people, working class people, poor people and every single person who lives on the margins of our society.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar

The reality is that even with such an impressive showing, those who would benefit the most from her failure will always be ready to try to undermine her movement — from the establishment to the ultraconservative, QAnon-supporting future members of Congress taking up Trump’s mantle who seem to take to social media to attack Ilhan almost every day.

So, Rep. Ilhan Omar will have be on the defense — not with bad-faith attacks like her opponents but with a strong grassroots campaign team ready to put in the work to keep building her progressive base and partner with local organizations doing volunteer-powered work on the ground.

If you are interested in helping Rep. Ilhan Omar progressive movement, consider joining her so she can keep fighting back against detractors of her movement and continue fighting for progress. What Rep. Ilhan Omar is trying to build isn’t just for today. It is long term. See Rep. Ilhan Omar’s vision for the future.

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