Sony’s hexacore microcontroller development board Spresense launched last year with support for both the Arduino Ide as well as the C-based Spresense SDK. Now, MicroEJ provides developers with Java support for Spresense through their Virtual Execution Environment (VEE).

By using the MicroEJ VEE, developers can run applications in a secure Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) that ensures the application integrity by isolating the user code from the rest of the (sub)system – ensuring an optimal and safe RAM management.

All documentation and developer tools for using Spresense with any of the programming languages are available for free. The Spresense developer web site provides guides and support for the Arduino IDE and the Spresense SDK. To use Java with Spresense, please visit our Spresense partner MicroEJ where you find the Getting started guide for Spresense, and a brand new Weather station demo based on the Spresense hardware.

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