A while back I wrote about the Sony Spresense board and how it ran on Apache NuttX OS and enabled development using the Arduino IDE, now Sony has just released a new getting started guide to help developers program their Spresense microcontroller board with Adafruit’s CircuitPython. Keep reading to find more about CircuitPython on Sony Spresense.

Guide to CircuitPython on Sony Spresense Board

Early pioneers have for some time now been able to explore and prototype with CircuitPython for the Spresense microcontroller board. And now Sony has released a brand new getting started guide to help developers program Spresense with CircuitPython in a structured way.


Circuit-Python is based on Python and is a programming language designed to simplify experimenting and learning to code on low-cost microcontroller boards. On a side note, Circuit Python wouldn’t exist without the hard work of Damien George and the MicroPython community. They did the hard work to reimplement Python on microcontrollers and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

For more information:

Time to dust off the Sony Spresense and go try it out!

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