Addressing Disruptions and Build Customer Trust!

In today’s digital world, service disruptions are inevitable. Web outages occur. Code changes or corrupt data bring down servers. Severe weather causes power outages or delivery delays. When service incidents like these happen to your business, you need to analyze the cause, streamline service operations, and minimize downtime. You can do this with Incident Management from Service Cloud.

Incident Management is a Service Cloud solution that helps your teams track large-scale disruptions and delegate tasks to the right experts to ensure your business delivers on customer expectations. With built-in fields, page layouts, and best practices, Incident Management helps your service teams respond to any disruption and keep customers informed. Plus, with release management features, your team can implement changes to prevent the problems from happening again.

For Salesforce Customers With the Service Cloud license Incident Management is available out of the box, you are just a few clicks away from restoring services faster and keeping customers in the know.

Do You Need Incident Management?

How your company responds to a disruption can make or break your brand. Fast resolution is good, but how you communicate and manage the customer experience during a service disruption is equally important. Turning a disruption into a positive experience can strengthen customer loyalty. Does your business have the tools it needs to do the following?

With Incident Management your escalation specialists can resolve major business interruptions effectively. Incidents, Problems, and Change Requests equip them with the tools that they need to track, diagnose, and prevent service interruptions from reoccurring—all within Salesforce. Incident Management is automatically enabled for all orgs with Service Cloud licensing created after the Salesforce Winter ’22 release.


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